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The company “Enterijer” manufactures a full range of wood products, wood facades and interior woodworks, stairs of all styles and types, furniture pieces, kitchens, and exclusive mosaic parquet.

We have a large stock of high quality materials, which carefully selects, dry in our own drying hall , and with further process of production finally complete.
Our products are made with the latest technologies, but we often used the manual operation, and remain consistent with tradition and philosophy of creating a recognizable products that meet the sophisticated tastes of our customers.
Each phase of production is under strict quality control which guarantees the correctness and durability. In the design phase we paid full attention to esthetics, but also on all the technical details, and create a product after which we proudly stand. Respecting deadlines, shewing respect for customers, because of our satisfied customers - are the best ads.
The range of products is wide, and only Your and our imagination are limits of possible and feasible, because our team of professional and experienced people, all easily turns ideas into reality.

"Enterijer" standard work with approximately twenty employees, on approximately 1.200m2 of work space. We have long tradition of forty years, and in the region we are synonym of quality.

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