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In the last few years, doors have become significant elements in our homes and their design can give a place the particular touch. We can say that, according to production quality, doors belong to the same category as the rest of the furniture.
There are two types of doors: interior doors and entry doors.

Entry doors
The material used for making entry doors is laminated wood (oak and spruce). Factors that are crucial for pricing, beside the material, are model, type of the door knob (classic, semi-security and security), final processing and installation (depending on the location).

Entry doors in buildings can be made of solid wood combination with medium density fiberboards.

Standard price depends on the model of the door, material and final processing. Door knob with cylinder, at least four hinges, gasket rubber and the door frame 6x7cm are included in the price. There are also finishing angle boards on both sides of the door frame, as well as a doorstep which is the same width as the door frame. Entry doors are varnished with special coatings which are water and UV resistant.

Standard price does not include door handles, lights and additional semi-wing. Like interior doors, we make entry doors according to your design and in that case the price is higher due to additional work.


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