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In the first place, stairs are purposeful part of your home, but as we see it, the story doesn’t end here. The dimensions, the customer’s needs and desires represent the starting point for the type and material of the stairs.
Spiral stairs take the least part of your home and are in a way an ornament in it. We also manufacture all types of free-standing staircases, as well as coatings for concrete stairs and handrails.
Stairs are made of steamed beech, ash and oak, and they can be varnished either in transparent varnish or in different color according to the customer’s wishes.

Free-standing staircases
Unlike spiral stairs, which typically have standard dimensions and shapes, free-standing staircases have their own specific features.

For us to make an offer, we would need the following data:

1. Sketch of the room with basic dimensions (dimensions of opening in a tile, floor to floor height, tile thickness, rotation of the stairs, landings; essential details of the room, such as center column, doors and windows)
2. Handrail model
3. With or without volutes
4. Material
5. Final processing
6. Length of handrail on the top floor
7. Location of the stair


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