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In the first place, stairs are purposeful part of your home, but as we see it, the story doesn’t end here. The dimensions, the customer’s needs and desires represent the starting point for the type and material of the stairs.
Spiral stairs take the least part of your home and are in a way an ornament in it. We also manufacture all types of free-standing staircases, as well as coatings for concrete stairs and handrails.
Stairs are made of steamed beech, ash and oak, and they can be varnished either in transparent varnish or in different color according to the customer’s wishes.

Concrete stairs surface coating and handrails
Concrete stairs coatings represent the most meticulous part of the process due to the fact that this kind of work is carried out at your premises. In order to ensure high quality of processing and installation, precise measurements must be taken according to the exact specifications.

For making the offer for this type of process, we would need the similar data as for free-standing staircases.

As for handrails and balusters, you can choose one of our designs or draw your own if you wish. For making such offer, it is necessary for us to provide the sketch of the stairs in order to examine dimensions and rotation, desired material, final processing, location of the stairs and the material of treads.


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