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The company was founded by Petar Drazic on 28th April 1966 under the name ?Kolar?. In 1993, Petar?s son Djordje Drazic took over the company and changed the name into ?Enterijer?. Since the beginning, the workshop has been manufacturing a wide variety of wood products. At the beginning of 1970?s the company specialized in manufacture of spiral stairs, custom crafted stairs and expanded the production in wood facades and interior woodworks. In 1980?s and at the beginning of 1990?s the company covered 80 percent of the ex-Yugoslavian market in spiral stairs production. In 1990?s the company?s product line was expanded into manufacture of solid wood furniture pieces, kitchens, mosaic parquets?
At the end of 1990?s the workshop started to deal with engineering and furnishing the entire premises.

The company gradually developed and expanded, and the desire for constant achievements, being open for new ideas and improved technical solutions resulted in high quality products. By tracking the needs of the market and with visionary ideas, we hope that we will continue to be at the top of our branch and also expand the cooperation with foreign markets.

At all time, ?Enterijer? has a stock of 300 cubic meters of wood material: spruce, linden, beech, steamed beech, maple, cherry, ash, oak, acacia, nut? which is dried in our own 45 cubic meters capacity driers, at appropriate humidity percentage of 8-12%. We also have a stock of medium density fiberboards, veneer wood, craft-master coatings and others. In the woodworking we use several types of glues which are imported from Germany, depending on the product. After processing on different machinery, the product is transferred to a coloring chamber which has optimal conditions for such procedure. We use high quality coloring from a number of prominent Italian producers. Lastly, the product is measured and final processing is carried out for the customer, due to the specific characteristic of each product. Our products are kept and stored until shipment. Transportation and installation are carried out as agreed with customers.

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